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Gallery of modern art of porcelain of the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Exhibitions, presentations, master classes in porcelain painting.
Exhibition galleries feature porcelain items for contemporary interiors. The breadth and variety of collections of IFZ (from classic to avant-garde and minimalism); from collections of products created to order and available in a single copy, to popular tea and coffee sets).

The gallery is located in the business district of Moscow, at the intersection of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Street. She not only introduces new works by artists of the plant, holds their personal exhibitions, but is also a major center for decorative and applied art. In the Gallery you can get acquainted with the collection of the latest works by artists of the IPF.

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Master class on porcelain painting led by leading painters

A master class in porcelain painting is a unique opportunity to reveal your creative potential and feel like a real artist. Experienced painters of the plant will help you realize your wildest dreams in traditional forms of porcelain: cups, saucers, sculptural miniatures.