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Troitskaya Nina Evgenievna

Porcelain painter, sculptor.
Member of domestic and foreign exhibitions. The artist's works are in collections of leading museums in the country and private collections.


Since 1987, immediately after graduating from the Department of Ceramics and Glass LVHPU them. V. I. Mukhina, works at the Leningrad Porcelain Factory named after M.V. Lomonosov (Imperial Porcelain Factory since 2005). Since 1990, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The author of the vases: "Silva" (2001), "Polina" (2001), "Amaryllis", "Freesia", "Marita" (2010) (f. "Big Round"); "Willows" (f. "Chinese Middle"); "Kaligo", "Rhea" (f. "Alpha"); "Dora" (2001), "North", "Ultramarine" (2003) (f. "High"); "Pretty Woman" (f. "Rostock"); "Lenok" (f. "Cone"); "Latona" (2001), "Flora" (f. "Museum"); "Lobelia" (f. "Leningradskaya"); "Big Neva" (f. "Cylindrical"); "Sparrow", "Mouse Peas" (f. "Eastern"); "Olga" (2001), "Alexandria" (2001), etc. The author of the forms and paintings of vases: "Delta", "Flare" - the form "Papyrus", "Slaid" - the form "Vector"; Autumn Trail - Rook form.

The author of decorative dishes: "Big Pond", "Nevskoye" (D-400 mm); "Steps of Autumn", "Study" (D-360 mm). Decorative layers: "Weavers". "Agatha", "Bird of Glafira", "Homecoming", "Sphere", "Snowstorm", "Gogol Street", "Spit of Vasilyevsky Island", "City by the Sea", etc.

Сup with saucer Bilibina Vasilisa

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